A Working Class American To Represent the Working Class

Vote Brandon Wilkinson for United States House of Representatives for Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District.


A Working Class American To Represent the Working Class

Vote Brandon Wilkinson for United States House of Representatives for Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District.


First, here's my cell 314-410-7826 feel free to call or text (text preferred).

I am not a career politician, but I am a regular, hard-working, middle class American! I am proud of who I am, where I came from, and the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. Putting America and citizens first ensures that our Constitution, laws, and society are protected to allow us to continue to be the most charitable nation for people here and abroad. If elected to be your representative, I can guarantee a few things, which are currently missing from our experience.

#1: I will be honest with you! You will always know where I stand even if we disagree on an issue.

#2: I will defend conservative values and give you a voice and protection locally and nationally!

#3: I will have open communication with you and respond to you within a reasonable timeframe! As someone, who has contacted the incumbent in the past just to be completely ignored, I would never dream of doing that to anyone else, so here is my cell 314-410-7826. I WORK FOR YOU!

#4: I will DEMAND transparency, accountability, and common sense become the Washington D.C. standard. Government officials have used gigantic bills and confusing jargon alongside personal greed to pass legislation detrimental to the country and have not been held accountable for their actions. THIS MUST STOP!

#5: I will work to solve issues actually important and meaningful to you! Unemployment, inflation, taxes, outrageous government spending, healthcare costs, the opioid/drug epidemic, education, homelessness/poverty/starvation, election integrity, national security, law and order, and erosion of freedoms issues need to be solved to get our country back on the right path!


I am 38 years old and have a beautiful family consisting of my wife, son, and three dogs. I thank God every day that they are in my life, and I believe that success on the personal and national level starts with encouraging strong, loving, supporting families!

Like many of you, I work hard to provide for my family and give back to my community. Generally, I work about 55 hours each week driving trucks and doing my part to keep America’s supply chain operating smoothly. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, issues, or support as I want you to consider me your neighbor and friend!

When I am not working or watching movies and playing board games with my family, I am a passionate outdoorsman! My favorite activities are hunting, target shooting, and trail riding, and I am a pro 2A individual. I have been a conservative my entire life and believe strongly in Constitution as originally written and intended alongside the God given rights the Constitution commands be protected from government overreach. If you elect me to be your representative, I guarantee that I will not compromise my beliefs and will fight every day to limit the size of the federal government while returning the power back to the citizens and the states!


A Working Class American To Represent the Working Class


Here are the promises I will keep once you elect me as your representative!

Below is my list of promises representing my true and unwavering conservative values.

*If you would prefer to watch a video of my promises, I uploaded one that you can find at the bottom of this section.
  • I will never vote to raise taxes and will do everything in my power to lower taxes!
    The government takes far too much of our hard-earned money already! Every time the government raises our taxes, they insult us by saying they can spend our money to improve our lives better than we can. Our government already spends $216,000 EVERY SECOND and needs to cut spending!

  • I will never vote in favor of any legislation seeking to restrict our 1st amendment right to freedom of speech!
    Our ability to speak freely in this nation is one of our most important rights. Without freedom of speech, we are not able to peacefully stand up for ourselves, disagree with others, and find solutions to our nation's problems!
  • I will never vote in favor of any legislation seeking to restrict our 2nd amendment right to bear arms!
    Defending this country from all enemies foreign and domestic is, in my opinion, our most important duty! Without the right to bear arms, we are not able to defend ourselves, our communities, and our country from these threats should peaceful means not be an option.
  • I will be transparent and will always answer questions honestly!
    As your representative, I will never forget that YOU (my constituents) are my boss and top priority. I will make you aware of every major piece of legislation, how I will vote, and why I am voting that way.
  • I will fight to cut spending and for passage of a balanced budget amendment!
    Politicians need to be good stewards of our tax dollars and cut spending, balance budgets, and pay down our debt instead of being wasteful and borrowing from China. We need to leave this country a better place and provide a better future for our families and future generations. Our current national debt is 28.9 trillion dollars, and we literally cannot afford to do nothing or spend more!
  • I will fight to have term limits for both the U.S. House and Senate!
    Career politicians are responsible for much of the gridlock, division, and problems in this country! Setting term limits not only makes sure to limit the damage of corrupt or ineffective politicians, but it also allows for a greater diversity of voices to be heard and for our country to be represented more accurately.
  • I will fight for the benefits that our veterans have earned through their service and sacrifice for the country!
    It is unacceptable that veterans come home to be ignored or mistreated by the VA, limited in employment opportunities, homeless/starving, or put through a bureaucratic nightmare to get benefits and services they are legally entitled to have. With all that our service members do and have done to protect us, the least we can do is make sure they have the best opportunity to succeed and be happy once they are honorably discharged!


As a middle class American, looking out for lower and middle class working America is very important to me! This is why I have built a large portion of my platform around ways to help regular everyday Americans.

Here is a list of legislation, which I have already authored or will author and propose once I’m in Congress. These address judicial/legal reform, economic growth and stimulation, global trade, and protecting or repairing other aspects of American policy. I have about 5 more write ups that I’m currently working on, that will further help our country, so keep checking back for future updates!


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here is my cell 314-410-7826 feel free
to call or text. text are preferred.

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